Keeping it 100

Protracted De-Media™ is proud to present the official 100th Dr. Loser blog post. We are also proud to say that in the past couple of months, since purchasing this blog from that real loser who started this website, we have been able to publish at least 3 new posts a week and have developed award-winning […]

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And one more thing…

Like the great Steve Jobs, I have “one more thing” to add to my week of escalating current event blog posts as part of my How to NOT Write Like a Loser: Exercise #4 – Write Everyday plan. After completing four posts today, this will be my fifth and official end to the week-long writing task that had […]

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Merry Odin-Mas

Anybody want to worship a Norse god with me? I mean, Christmas is coming… you know, the time where we all celebrate the totally realistic concept of a god being born on earth as a super-powered human. This was all thanks to an omniscient entity magically fertilising a young virgin with the help of a […]

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LeBron James and the What, Huh?

Double ugh… don’t tell me the Cleveland Cavaliers are really turning it around and becoming a good team. Or even a great team… a championship team? What… huh? Say it isn’t so. I don’t even believe that the people of Cleveland even truly want this to happen. There is no way that quick embrace of […]

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Hands Up, Baby Hands Up

Ferguson, Missouri is certainly no Club Med… at least, not from what I can tell as I guy who’s never been to either place. As the U.S. is rocked by another death of a black man at the hands of a white cop, we’ve got to wonder if ‘hands up’ is really the right gesture […]

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How about that Ray Rice?

Let it be said by me now that no man should strike a woman, no man should strike a child, no man should strike a man. Hell, no one should hit anyone EVER outside of action movies, professional wrestling, and combat sports (and I’m not including hockey, those fights make no sense). These are thus […]

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