LeBron James and the What, Huh?

Double ugh… don’t tell me the Cleveland Cavaliers are really turning it around and becoming a good team. Or even a great team… a championship team? What… huh? Say it isn’t so. I don’t even believe that the people of Cleveland even truly want this to happen. There is no way that quick embrace of […]

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Hands Up, Baby Hands Up

Ferguson, Missouri is certainly no Club Med… at least, not from what I can tell as I guy who’s never been to either place. As the U.S. is rocked by another death of a black man at the hands of a white cop, we’ve got to wonder if ‘hands up’ is really the right gesture […]

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How about that Ray Rice?

Let it be said by me now that no man should strike a woman, no man should strike a child, no man should strike a man. Hell, no one should hit anyone EVER outside of action movies, professional wrestling, and combat sports (and I’m not including hockey, those fights make no sense). These are thus […]

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