NFL Week 4 – The Loser Review

With Week 4 of the NFL 2015-16 season officially over and done with, it’s time to scoop out the turds in the litter box of the football world and smell the losers of the week for all their putridness. Let’s start with the most obvious: London, England The NFL played another game at Wembley Stadium in […]

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The Scream Queens Recap for Losers Who Don’t Watch Scream Queens – Season 1, Episode 3

At Dr. Loser we’re dedicated to watching all the cool TV shows this new fall season, while those of you who think you have “better things to do” can feel free to come here the next day and keep yourselves updated with what’s really important. This week we’re looking at last night’s new episode of […]

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Hot Pope on a Platter

Hey Pope Francis… “where ya at?” I heard a rumor that this new “cool” Pope is really going to prove it when he hits New York City this week! Apparently he’s been a lifelong fan of A Tribe Calle Quest and the group is reuniting to perform his favorite jam “Hot Sex on a Platter” […]

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Merry Odin-Mas

Anybody want to worship a Norse god with me? I mean, Christmas is coming… you know, the time where we all celebrate the totally realistic concept of a god being born on earth as a super-powered human. This was all thanks to an omniscient entity magically fertilising a young virgin with the help of a […]

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LeBron James and the What, Huh?

Double ugh… don’t tell me the Cleveland Cavaliers are really turning it around and becoming a good team. Or even a great team… a championship team? What… huh? Say it isn’t so. I don’t even believe that the people of Cleveland even truly want this to happen. There is no way that quick embrace of […]

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