What is Live Novel-ing?

Recently I’ve admitted that I hardly qualify as a ‘writer’ especially after failing my Creative Writing PhD after 8 years of mind-numbing effort. Now that the academic world has left me firmly behind like chicken bones of grief chucked into a dumpster of destitution, I figure it’s time to attempt actually writing something for the […]

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Live Novel-ing Update

After a first successful week, my live novel-ing project continues on! Yes that’s right, the project where I let YOU watch live online as I write my novel: The Incredible Insane Challenge Imagine a world where a young boy, nothing but a newborn baby even, must fight giant robots, alien invasions, insane gangs, werewolves, vampires, […]

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Live Novel-ing is Fun!

Another week of live novel-ing is in the books! The exciting new project where YOU can watch ME write a novel live online.  The Incredible Insane Challenge is a story that takes place in a world not too different from our own, but one that is also filled with the wild nonsense of video games, the heroic […]

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Just like the return of 24 this week check out more real time Live Novel-ing!

There is nothing else on television quite like ’24’, where every televised hour is equal to one full hour of the narrative. Fans appreciate the immediacy of the drama and forgive the ridiculous constant barrage of on-the-hour surprises and twist for the sake of intricate story and intense action. Well, I hate to say my […]

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Back for More Live Novel-ing!

  After a short hiatus to re-tool some of the past pages and the overall scheme for my novel in progress: The Incredible Insane Challenge … I’m back to my live novel-ing schedule. What am I talking about? Why I’m telling you about how I’m writing a whole novel live online! Through the power of Google […]

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