Street Novel-ing?

What is “street novel-ing” exactly? From what I can tell it involves publishing a novel on the streets of the city, or something like that… hey, it wasn’t my idea! All I know is that I got a mysterious link without any explanation in my inbox (and left on this blog as a comment) from […]

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Just You – Part 1 – Korea

You’re a deteriorating corpse of cake still getting picked at, chopped down, and squished into the prongs of a fork. The guy holding that fork is playing with you because his girlfriend doesn’t seem interested in him at all. He was drinking a very feminine looking peach iced tea from a squiggly blue straw while she […]

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Seoul Street Novel – Part 2 (and) Just You – Part 2 – All English

The Street Novel-ing in Seoul continued with a second instalment over at PhatDog’s Just Seoul Tumblr Blog: And so as promised here is another part of my own complimentary side-story: Just You – Part 2 – All English You are the King of Korea. Okay, you’re not really the “king” but you’re President and […]

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