Twitter Poems (Director’s Cut)

You’d think it would be easy to write something really short.  For example, I’ve been trying to put together a quick and interesting opening line for this blog post about poems I wrote on Twitter for hours now and I keep coming up with garbage like this: The dictionary defines Twitter as a social media […]

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What is Live Novel-ing?

Recently I’ve admitted that I hardly qualify as a ‘writer’ especially after failing my Creative Writing PhD after 8 years of mind-numbing effort. Now that the academic world has left me firmly behind like chicken bones of grief chucked into a dumpster of destitution, I figure it’s time to attempt actually writing something for the […]

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Just You – Part 1 – Korea

You’re a deteriorating corpse of cake still getting picked at, chopped down, and squished into the prongs of a fork. The guy holding that fork is playing with you because his girlfriend doesn’t seem interested in him at all. He was drinking a very feminine looking peach iced tea from a squiggly blue straw while she […]

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Live Novel-ing Update

After a first successful week, my live novel-ing project continues on! Yes that’s right, the project where I let YOU watch live online as I write my novel: The Incredible Insane Challenge Imagine a world where a young boy, nothing but a newborn baby even, must fight giant robots, alien invasions, insane gangs, werewolves, vampires, […]

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4 Quests of a Directionless Loser! – My 30 Favourite Albums of All Time

I’m currently in the process of completing 4 unique quests as part of a personal spiral into oblivion following my complete collapse of faith in the universe due to failing my PhD after 8 years of depressingly difficult toil and struggle. These epic quests include physically training to complete a montage video of physically training, […]

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Live Novel-ing is Fun!

Another week of live novel-ing is in the books! The exciting new project where YOU can watch ME write a novel live online.  The Incredible Insane Challenge is a story that takes place in a world not too different from our own, but one that is also filled with the wild nonsense of video games, the heroic […]

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Seoul Street Novel – Part 2 (and) Just You – Part 2 – All English

The Street Novel-ing in Seoul continued with a second instalment over at PhatDog’s Just Seoul Tumblr Blog: And so as promised here is another part of my own complimentary side-story: Just You – Part 2 – All English You are the King of Korea. Okay, you’re not really the “king” but you’re President and […]

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4 Quests of a Directionless Loser! – Highest Score Ever on Angry Birds Star Wars

Have you ever done something that was so frustratingly difficult that you couldn’t remember why you’d even tried in the first place? A task so massively daunting that it doesn’t even seem humanly possible. Maybe it could be as simple as beating a friend 1-on-1 in basketball, or maybe it’s just trying to dunk once on […]

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Just like the return of 24 this week check out more real time Live Novel-ing!

There is nothing else on television quite like ’24’, where every televised hour is equal to one full hour of the narrative. Fans appreciate the immediacy of the drama and forgive the ridiculous constant barrage of on-the-hour surprises and twist for the sake of intricate story and intense action. Well, I hate to say my […]

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