Street Novel-ing?

What is “street novel-ing” exactly? From what I can tell it involves publishing a novel on the streets of the city, or something like that
 hey, it wasn’t my idea! All I know is that I got a mysterious link without any explanation in my inbox (and left on this blog as a comment) from […]

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Just You – Part 1 – Korea

You’re a deteriorating corpse of cake still getting picked at, chopped down, and squished into the prongs of a fork. The guy holding that fork is playing with you because his girlfriend doesn’t seem interested in him at all. He was drinking a very feminine looking peach iced tea from a squiggly blue straw while she […]

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Seoul Street Novel – Part 2 (and) Just You – Part 2 – All English

The Street Novel-ing in Seoul continued with a second instalment over at PhatDog’s Just Seoul Tumblr Blog: And so as promised here is another part of my own complimentary side-story: Just You – Part 2 – All English You are the King of Korea. Okay, you’re not really the “king” but you’re President and […]

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Cool Schools in South Korea

Nope, that title isn’t referring to schools in Korea that are cool but rather schools in Korea that teach kids how to be cool! Seems like that’s the direction where PhatDog’s latest instalment of Street Novel-ing pages have gone, so check it out here: His first bunch of stores were distributed around Sadang, one of the main […]

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