Hands Up, Baby Hands Up

Ferguson, Missouri is certainly no Club Med… at least, not from what I can tell as I guy who’s never been to either place. As the U.S. is rocked by another death of a black man at the hands of a white cop, we’ve got to wonder if ‘hands up’ is really the right gesture […]

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How about that Ray Rice?

Let it be said by me now that no man should strike a woman, no man should strike a child, no man should strike a man. Hell, no one should hit anyone EVER outside of action movies, professional wrestling, and combat sports (and I’m not including hockey, those fights make no sense). These are thus […]

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How to Write Like a Loser

How to be a writer? I’ve written before about how ridiculous it is to aspire to be a ‘writer’ – it really makes no sense, either professionally or as a hobby. You might think reading is fun, sure, especially cool stuff like comic books or pro-wrestling gossip websites, but trying to actually become a good […]

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A Very Late “Best of 2013” List, or, All the Things I was Doing Last Year Instead of Working on that Damn PhD!

Let’s hear it for 2013! The year my PhD thesis officially failed, when I learned there were even lower levels of misery to which one can sink, and discovered that hyperbolic sarcastic exaggeration is so obviously the lamest thing you can EVER do! On the flip side, 2013 was a hell of a year for […]

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Street Novel-ing?

What is “street novel-ing” exactly? From what I can tell it involves publishing a novel on the streets of the city, or something like that… hey, it wasn’t my idea! All I know is that I got a mysterious link without any explanation in my inbox (and left on this blog as a comment) from […]

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