We are pleased to announce that the Dr. Loser blog is now under new management!

That’s right, we’ve shaken the dust off the sheets covering over all that shitty old furniture and swept the dead cockroaches out of the corners – this blog is once again open for business.

Here at Protracted De-Media™ we’re committed to excellence in niche-market online writing. Our researchers scour the internet for blogs and social media accounts that are being neglected and purchase the rights to that content. Then we attempt to win back those former readers and followers by giving them more of what they signed up for in the first place, only bigger and better!

The former proprietor of this site sends his regards. Frankly, he didn’t care about his readers enough for the past 10 months to offer any kind of update so don’t be surprised that he skipped out on writing one last message to you before retiring with his fat buyout cheque. Trust us though, if you liked Dr. Loser before then you’re going to love what we’ve got planned.

Of course we know that you came to Dr. Loser in the past to get a dose of irreverent misery and we don’t want to change all that. Hey, we’re miserable too! Who isn’t? Instead, we’re going to give you  more dynamic misery featuring all kinds of angry pizzazz and depressing zeal. We’ve got a great team of writers who are ready to give you piping hot takes on the big events of the week in that trademark Dr. Loser style – turned up to the max!

… ugh … someone help me … shuffle – wrestle – shove – cram – slam … just ignore that, please, sometimes it’s hard to get rid of those last few bugs, you know what I’m saying?

Anyways, where was I, oh yeah… welcome to the NEW Dr. Loser! Our great daily features will start rolling out soon to brighten up your days with fist-pumping attitude. So get ready, your week is never going to be the same again… because now WE’RE all losers!

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