Merry Odin-Mas

Anybody want to worship a Norse god with me?

I mean, Christmas is coming… you know, the time where we all celebrate the totally realistic concept of a god being born on earth as a super-powered human. This was all thanks to an omniscient entity magically fertilising a young virgin with the help of a ghost.

Is it just me, or does that whole scenario sound pretty bad ass? Certainly no crazier than the stories of Odin and Thor from Asgard, the Norse gods who I know just about as much from the Thor comics and Vikings TV show as I do the origin story of Jesus.

Since we already celebrate the power of Thor on “Thursday” (why we don’t call it Fourthday I’m still not sure), I’m proposing we bring on Odin-Mas. A day where we can all gather around a snowy fern, wear eye patches and roast ravens by the fire.

I’m not saying we have to become vikings any more than Christians want us to become sheet draped wise-men on camels, but c’mon, there’s got to be a place in our modern society for the worship of Asgardians. I want to be able to send my kid (okay, my friends can send their kids) to school with a religiously protected battle axe and then get to bow their heads before class for the Hymn of Jotunheim.

Think about it while you’re honouring the intergalactic birth of an asexual zombie god by eating turkey, pulling trinkets out of a sock and watching basketball, that just maybe it might not be so far-fetched to jam a few more days of extraterrestrial worship into our calendar for other super-beings from our world’s culture like Odin, or maybe the Kraken, and even how about your humble blogging deity of doom – Dr. Loser himself!

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