Live Blogging – Peter Pan Live

At the moment, NBC is airing a totally live musical version of Peter Pan, and man is it horrible. I’m not a fan of musicals, kids, or adults playing kids in musicals, so I guess I’m not the target audience for this show (which must be what, like child molesting high school teachers then?), however I felt oddly compelled to follow along and give my thoughts on something that is certain to have a completely mediocre impact on pop culture tonight.

– I love this dude that’s playing Peter Pan… but he’s much better acting like a girl on that show Girls, barely pulls it off but then again none of the other guys on that show are very convincing girls either.

– Christopher Walken looks like a man put together with pieces of an old wax Christopher Walken dummy that’s been sitting in a wet dumpster for a few weeks.

– If you’re super gay do you just have to watch this like the way super straight guys are drawn to watching live sports (uhm… isn’t Thursday Night Football on right now?)

– If you cut a mermaid in half does she have fish insides where the tail is and human organs in the upper half, or are both sides some kind of modified human or fish parts?

– American actors doing British accents are putting British actors out of work… why is this not a bigger issue?

– Hook hands are very hooky (running out of ideas here)

– Leafs are now down 4-2 in the 3rd (commercial)

– Having a cup of tea.

– When something is live does that mean it better than something taped? But wrestling is live and that gets no respect.

– My eyes are glazing over here. It’s almost creating anti-thoughts.

– The Devils score again, Leafs are losing 5-2 (not a commercial, I just couldn’t watch anymore).

– Anybody listen to that final episode of the Serial podcast today?

– If I turn off the live version of Pete Pan will I in some ways metaphorically kill something?

– Peter Pan Dead

– According to Jay’s testimony, Dr. Loser was live blogging about Pete Pan Live and talked about how he wanted to strangle the show.

– “Then he opened the trunk and inside was his TV set, unplugged with the cord coiled up at the side. I’d never seen a screen look so blank before.”

– Jay said that? I barely even knew that guy. I didn’t turn off the show, I swear.

– But when asked to give details about what he saw, at like say, around 10:09pm EST, Dr. Loser couldn’t recall.

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