How Many Titles Can I Think Up For This Post About CM Punk?

Struggling to put my thoughts into words about the recent podcasts by CM Punk that revealed his reasons for mysteriously leaving the WWE earlier this year, I decided to try to come up with at least a good title for the article, but even that isn’t working out well. Here’s what I started out with:

CM Punk Records Scathing Podcasts, Makes Blogger Cry

Then I changed it to this, just to make myself look even more pathetic for some reason:

CM Punk Makes This Old, Simple Blogger Cry

Then I thought about a different angle, how about talking about future directions for his career:

Where Does CM Punk Go From Here?

… but then I changed it to focus more on the effect his absence will have on wrestling fans:

How Do We Survive in a WWE Universe Without CM Punk?

That wasn’t getting me anywhere either though, so I thought maybe something more angry:

Damn You WWE, Bring Back Punk!

… then something more bizarre:

CM Punk Eats the WWE Like a Pizza

… abstract:

Punk Rock Wrestles, Gone

… misleading:

CM Punk Joins the UFC!

… and magical:

Disgruntled Wrestler Visits Poor Blogger, Friendship Ensues

But in the end I just couldn’t figure out what angle to take on the whole story. All I’ve got is a bunch of titles and no post.

And then I remember, wait titles, exactly, that’s it… titles in wrestling… wrestling titles… title belts… CM Punk held the WWE Title numerous times, right? Nah, I still got nothing.

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