Did North Korea Really Hack Sony Over The Interview?

No way did North Korea hack Sony’s websites over the upcoming movie The Interview about a buffoon-ish attempt to assassinate “president” Kim Jong Un.

I believe Sony in fact hacked North Korea and then piggy-backed on their system to then re-hack themselves to make it look like North Korea hacked them in an elaborate scheme to promote the movie.

The North Korean brand is all about criminal shenanigans, so in reality this movie is actually helping promote their image, not hurting it, so it makes no sense for them to do this. When they wrote about Jesse James and Billy the Kid, those guys loved it (according to Young Guns), when they made movies about Al Capone, he loved it (according to Boardwalk Empire), and even enrolment in outlaw biker gangs has gone up dramatically in recent years (thanks to Sons of Anarchy). Super villains love the spotlight!

When Heath Ledger won an academy award for playing the Joker in a movie, everyone called the guy a genius, so who knows what The Interview could do for the Kim Jung Un stock? Teenagers across America might be dressing up in uniform jump suits and smoking long luxurious cigars like that cool bad guy in The Interview next year, who knows?

Then again, as great as the Saddam Hussein character was in the Hot Shots movies, that still didn’t stop the real guy from getting hanged … but he sure had a ton of good years in between.

If North Korea was known for championing humanitarian causes, then it would be pretty ridiculous to make a movie about assassinating their leader, but this is a country that is famous for counterfeiting, heroin production and threats to take over the world, they might as well be Cobra at this point.

So yeah… good one Sony, trying to make us all believe North Korea hacked you! What’s next, gonna pretend those “nuclear bombs” in Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren’t promotion for that Godzilla reboot? C’mon!

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