Bill Cosby in Leonard Part 12

If there was ever a time for a sequel to Bill Cosby’s classic movie Leonard Part 6, it would be now!

This guy is hotter than he’s been since The Cosby Show was the #1 TV show in America. And why – date rape allegations. And I stress the word allegations. There has never been a criminal case even brought against this man, and all of these stories coming out now are old memories being told decades after they allegedly happened. We may never know what truly went down in any of these cases.

However, we do know very concretely what happened in Leonard Part 6 (and by “we all” I guess I’m talking to people probably 40 or older). Okay, sure, it wasn’t the massive hit that it was supposed to be, and there never were any Parts 1-5, but this was his James Bond, his Ironman, so why not dust it off while his name is on the lips off every accusatory busybody hungry for some comment from this comedy legend.

As the pseudo-reality of Leonards Part 7-11 can waft in the collective imaginations of the finger-pointing public, Cosby can clear the air with another tale of hilarious metaphorical wrist-slapping.

So here’s my proposal. In Leonard Part 12, Cosby plays the titular CIA super-spy rushed to the Vatican on his trusty ostrich, where he must protect the the esteemed catholic clergymen from an assault by a horde of lunatic zombie-like rioters who all “claim” to have been molested by priests. And just like how he took out those crazy vegetarians in Leonard Part 6, he can show these limp-wristed fancy boys just what a little New Coke and Spanish Fly can do to help you ‘man up’!

That or he could always make Ghost Dad 2? But either way, I figure you’ve got to strike while you’re hot!

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