How about that Ray Rice?

Let it be said by me now that no man should strike a woman, no man should strike a child, no man should strike a man. Hell, no one should hit anyone EVER outside of action movies, professional wrestling, and combat sports (and I’m not including hockey, those fights make no sense). These are thus the commandments of Dr. Loser.

That being said, was it wrong of Ray Rice to punch his wife in that elevator?

I mean, the guy was apparently super drunk. Can the actions of a super drunk person reacting to the actions of another super drunk person be judged by the general public as wrong?

So that’s right, I’m going to admonish all people who drink at this point. As someone who never drinks (halo), I can look at all of you and laugh when you judge a drunk dude who punched his drunk wife, because I can only imagine all the embarrassing, regrettable crap you’ve been up to while drunk and how terrible it would look on you if there was a camera recording it.

Before you get upset at me for judging all people who drink, just be sure then that you aren’t judging Ray Rice for punching his wife then. Answer me this (if you’re sober enough), would Ray Rice have punched his wife in that scenario if he wasn’t drunk? It’s safe to assume that he wouldn’t based on all of the information that has come out about him since – it’s not like this guy is a long-standing abusive husband – but who knows.

All we know is that yet another heinous deed was performed by a drunk person who obviously in the moment thought that what he was doing was fine. Personally, I can’t understand that mindset so of course it looks wrong to me, but the real question is why does it look wrong to the rest of you drunken fools?

However, some people still make stupid decisions even when they have never been drunk before in their entire lives – insanely stupid moves, like say, attempting a PhD, starting a blog, or even writing this post!

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