How to NOT Write Like a Loser: Exercise #4 – Write Everyday

Ugh.. who wants to write everyday? What a drag. Once you’re writing all the time as if it’s your regular job you might as well just be another office monkey. Creepy, boring, mindless… you know what I’m talking about, and we don’t want our writing to be like that!

But if you don’t want to write like a loser, then you are going to have to sit down and write… a lot apparently. And if you’re like me, then that means you’re going to have to force yourself, so today I’m starting my toughest challenge yet: writing more content!

Unlike Exercise #1 which was about writing more words in one sitting, what I’m talking about now is getting a daily writing routine going. Time to push it into high gear and pump out the posts in a little exercise I like to call:

Less is More, Unless More is More

Using the power-blogging model, for this exercise you need to write blog posts on any general topic that pops up in the 24-hour news cycle; however, for the whole business week you need to write one more article each day than you did the day before. So it will work as follows:

Step 1 = On Monday, write 1 blog post.

Step 2 = On Tuesday, write 2 blog posts.

Step 3 = On Wednesday, write 3 blog posts.

Step 4 = On Thursday, write 4 blog posts.

Step 5 = On Friday, write 5 blog posts.

So if you’re getting my blog by email, my apologies in advance for the bombardment you’re going to receive this week, but prepare yourselves for an onslaught of nonsense!

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