Just Seoul – The Complete Online Novel

Collected below are links to the chronological reading order of the collaborative writing project “Just Seoul”

Included are all chapters from the 3 different sources:
– my Dr. Loser blog (1-paragraph micro-stories from the 2nd person POV)
-my friend’s Just Eric blog (3-paragraph, long form stories in the 1st person POV)
-the Street Novel tumblr blog by mysterious reader and comment troll “phatdog187” (1-page short stories in the 3rd person posted up all around Seoul)

Follow the tale of an alternative future South Korea after the Korean language has been outlawed, everyone is forced to speak English, kids go to schools that teach them how to be cool, and millions of North Korean refugees flood the streets of Seoul.

Cringe as Eric, a dorky cool school teacher from Canada, starts to actually think he’s cool… and then marvel as he gains omniscient super-powers and, well, tries to take over the world. Or something like that, it all gets very weird in the end… you’ll just have to read along and see what you think!

1 – Street Novel-ing!?

2 – Just Eric 1

3 – Just You

4 – All English

5 – Just Eric 2

6 – Cool Schools

7 – Just Eric 3

7 – Just Eric 4

8 – Just Eric 5

9 – North Korea

10 – Just Eric 6

11 – Gibberish

12 – Just Eric 7

13 – Just Eric 8

14 – Finale A

15 – Finale B

16 – Finale C



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