4 Quests of a Directionless Loser – The Full Adventure

Here now collected is the complete chronological order of the Dr. Loser 4 Quests saga!

Follow the ups and downs as I attempt to come to grips with life AFTER failing a Phd.

Everything started out fine, I had some grand plans to pursue four challenging but fun and interesting tasks but as I put more focus and work into these jobs everything seemed to be very difficult and I started to unravel. No doubt, I had a bit of a breakdown from all the pressure I was putting on myself, but amazingly I was pulled from the abyss by the last thing I would have ever suspected – Love!

Then I was able to recover, refocus and revise! The quests were no longer complicated and angry but joyous celebrations of the wonderful world all around.

And so a chapter in the story of Dr. Loser ends, but when will the next one begin? Stay tuned…


8 lessons learned after spending 8 years on a PhD… and then failing!

A very late “Best of 2013” List – or – All the things I was doing last year INSTEAD of working on that damn PhD!

4 Quests of a Directionless Loser

Part 1 – Getting Started

My 30 Favourite Albums of All Time

Highest Score Ever on Angry Birds Star Wars

Exercising of All the Wrong Reasons

Binge-Watching is for Posers

Interlude 1

Live Novel-ing

Part 2 – Complications

How to Determine the Best Album Ever

Unorthodox (yet effective) Ways to Obtain Crazy High Scores on Angry Birds

Exercising – Street Style!

Is the TV Talking to Me?

Part 3 – Giving Up

God Hates Us All

Angry Birds Can Go to Hell

Watching TV is Kind of a Stupid Waste of Time

Exercise? More like Loser-cise!

Interlude 2


Part 4 – Triumph!

My Top 10 Favourite Summer Albums of All Time

Scoring Points Isn’t the Most Important Thing in Life – My Journey to the Final Level on Angry Birds Star Wars

My Top 10 Favourite Winter Albums of All Time

The Ecstasy of Me – Breaking Down My Personal Film Festival

My Top 10 Favourite Un-Albums of All Time


The Incredible Insane Challenge



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