Street Novel-ing?

What is “street novel-ing” exactly? From what I can tell it involves publishing a novel on the streets of the city, or something like that… hey, it wasn’t my idea!

All I know is that I got a mysterious link without any explanation in my inbox (and left on this blog as a comment) from my very own pesky troll reader PhatDog. This guy has been relentless dogging me, as they say, for the past few months, particularly about my ‘Live Novel-ing’ concept that he really seemed to take offence to for some reason.

Well the other day I challenged him to do something himself, rather than just continually bothering me… and the next thing I know I get this link:

Seems to contain pages to a novel about Seoul that have been pasted up in different places there, like the Sadang subway station, an area I know very well myself having used that central subway transfer hub many times while being a rush hour commuter here once upon a time.

So PhatDog, if that is you then bravo my friend, your ‘Street Novel-ing’ is a great idea, and the writing (from what I can tell) is not bad either!

Actually, it’s kind of inspired me to go back to some of my own writing about Seoul, particularly the fictional component of my graduate school thesis. Therefore, as long as he continues this “Just Seoul – Street Novel” I will match it with some of my own fiction that I will put out right here on Dr. Loser!

I’ll send post my first part later today, but until there here is a short Introduction paragraph (forgive me, it’s in the second person) that should go nicely with the Street Novel.

You are writing a story. This might be kind of a dangerous story and you wanted to distance yourself from it so that people didn’t know that these were actually your thoughts. Not only was it dangerous though, it was embarrassing too. You are an outsider white guy writing all about Korea, so what you say here could be considered offensive, racist, colonialist and possibly sexist. But if you didn’t write what you really felt then it wouldn’t be a very honest story. Also, everyone thinks they understand what happened in Korea but you were the last one left who really knew the truth. There are a lot of people who didn’t want this information getting out to the world, and they might have tried to stop you from finishing this story, so that’s why it’s good to tell it very anonymously like this, you thought. The embarrassing parts are going to be the way you acted so selfish and greedy, and most of all describing the way you tried so hard to be cool. That being the case, you decided to write your story from the outside, that was definitely the safest way to do it so that you wouldn’t get into any trouble. Wow, you’ve really changed, when you first came to Korea to used to be so fearless, how else would you have dropped everything and moved there in the first place?

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