Live Novel-ing Update

After a first successful week, my live novel-ing project continues on!

Yes that’s right, the project where I let YOU watch live online as I write my novel:

The Incredible Insane Challenge

Imagine a world where a young boy, nothing but a newborn baby even, must fight giant robots, alien invasions, insane gangs, werewolves, vampires, or yetis; battle bands, win sporting championships, save damsels in distress, survive disasters, solve murders, fly like a hawk, pillage like a pirate, punch like a Power Ranger or even make friends with a chimp! These are just some of the tasks that my young protagonist may face… once a year, every year from the day he’s born until his 18th birthday.

If he goes through all these tasks, then he’ll save the universe from total destruction … but if he fails or dies, well then he’s got to start all over again from birth.

It’s like a novel wrapped in a video game, with comic book sensibilities, cartoons aesthetics, action movie triumphs and prom-comedy heartbreaks, which is then arm-wrestled, clotheslined, kicked in the balls, powerbomb-ed into flaming barbed wire and then deep fried with the words of a sweet-souled poet.

Each yearly task is encapsulated in a single, 3-paragraph short story. That’s just one page. Tiny, tight and ridiculously fun! (please insert your own asian prostitute joke here)

And in one live novel-ing session you’ll experience 3 parts of the writing process for this project: 30 minutes of the initial non-stop freewriting for one task, revising that freewriting into something more coherent for another task, and finally editing down a different task to fit crisply into one page.

Interested… all you need to do is click on the G+ widget at the left and I’ll follow you on Google + or just go ahead and email me:

Then I’ll share The Incredible Insane Challenge Google Drive folder with you and you’ll be able to peruse the content at your leisure. 

The story so far:

The protagonist has already failed the challenge 91 times, however he isn’t worried about eventually saving the universe before reaching his final 100th attempt. In fact, he feels confident that even if he doesn’t beat every crazy task then he can still win on points (yes, this is an option, read the The Incredible Insane Challenge by Doctor Loser – SAMPLER for the rules of the challenge and the complete 91st attempt).

Therefore, he has stylishly demolished the first tasks of his now 92nd attempt, quelling a zombie infestation, teaming up with his favourite action figure to fight evil toys, captured Bigfoot, learned how to use super-stretching powers, survived living in a haunted house and piloted his own submarine to a secret metropolis at the bottom of the ocean.

During the Live Novel-ing last week:

At 6 years old – Our hero discovers how a criminal army is enslaving a jungle village and forcing them to produce deadly drugs (the very same drugs that his mother was addicted to) so disguised as a super-hero he tries to free the villagers and take out the big boss… only things don’t go exactly according to plan.

At 7 years old – Tasked with transporting an important secret case across town in the middle of a massive riot, the boy finds himself at the mercy of a bunch of dangerous bullies and no longer in possession of the case. 

At 8 years old – Entered in the main event at Wrestlemania the boy changes the script during the match and attempts to win the world championship title for himself when he was actually supposed to lose. Unfortunately this is NOT how pro-wrestling works and he fails his first task in this attempt at the challenge.

This was a bit of a tough week for the little guy… and it’s not getting any easier! What’s in store for him next? Guaranteed craziness!