Just Eric – Seoul Novel – Part 1

Looks like I’m not the only one who was inspired by that Just Seoul – Street Novel-ing tumblr blog, as another one of my regular readers/commenters, Eric, has just started writing his own story about living in Seoul.

I’ve kind of bugged Eric in the past about his terrible (in my opinion) taste in TV shows, but he is a genuinely nice guy and always encouraged me during my Live Novel-ing experiment.

So as long as he is posting, then I’ll continue to share it with my readers, as it may compliment what I’m doing as well. One thing I can tell right away, he’s working in the first person, mine is in the second person, and the Street Novel-ing seems to be in the third person… so that is a good start already! Check it out:


After seeing the Just Seoul – Street Novel-ing link to the tumblr blog, I also read that my favorite blogger Dr. Loser decided to join along and add his fiction to that cause.

Well… I too am in Seoul, South Korea and would like to tell my story as well! Therefore, I proudly present Part 1 of the (partly) fictional account of my time in Seoul to accompany those other unique blogs. Hope you like it!

Just Eric – Part 1

I sat for about 20 minutes in the crappy, collapsing blue plastic patio chair in front of a 24-hour laundromat, which was not called a laundromat here, they called it a ‘Coin Wash’, but whatever, the point is my apartment around the block had a washing machine for the whole floor to share but there was no dryer, so I’d have to wash my clothes there and…

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