Live Novel-ing is Fun!

Another week of live novel-ing is in the books! The exciting new project where YOU can watch ME write a novel live online

The Incredible Insane Challenge is a story that takes place in a world not too different from our own, but one that is also filled with the wild nonsense of video games, the heroic iconography of comic books, the gore from horror movies, kicks from action, spaciness from sci-fi, the breathtaking thrill of playoff time sports, the delightfully chilling romance of yore and the knuckle-whitening tension of fighting to the death.

One boy must travail this universe and attempt to complete that aptly named challenge. All for our pleasure! We get to watch little 1-page, 3-paragraph short stories that represent one year of his life, all tightly compressed for maximum fun and excitement.

Watch as no-limits, freewriting spills onto the screen like blood on a viking battlefield. See the revising of that slaughter of words tighten like a tourniquet in a typing triage centre. And then observe the robot alien ship of editing beam from future space and package that story up with fresh weapons and armour making it better than ever.

Each day you can check in and enjoy the carnage. All you need to do is click on the G+ widget at the top right of this page or email

Then I’ll share my The Incredible Insane Challenge Google Drive folder with you and you can read all the previously completed one-page stories in this sequence, or tune in to watch the live novel-ing commence!

The story so far:

It’s January 1st in the year 2000, and our protagonist is ripped from his mother’s womb and thrown right into the thick of the action! Born in the middle of a bank robbery, this newborn has only seconds to subdue these villains and save his mother. Luckily, he’s done stuff like this before!

Every New Year’s Day in the reoccurring year 2000, this boy is born into a different yet similarly dangerous scenario. It’s his job to get through the year and complete a difficult task each time, such as saving his mother from bank robbers. If he makes it all the way to his18th birthday then he wins!

Unfortunately, he usually ends up dying at some point. C’mon, how is a baby supposed to fight dangerous armed robbers? Then he has to start all over again. He can only attempt this full challenge 100 times and if he never makes it to 18, well, then the universe is destroyed of course!

And now he is on his 92nd attempt. It’s getting close to the end, so he really needs to pull it together and get this thing done! He started off on a roll, blasting his way through tasks involving zombies, evil toys, Bigfoot, earthquakes, ghosts, and fish-men.

But following a forced separation from his parents, the boy takes on a new super-hero persona and tries to bring a little misguided justice to this crazy world. And things haven’t been going so well, he was outsmarted by the Big Boss of a jungle drug army, beaten up by bullies and cops during a riot, and was publicly embarrassed when trying to fix the main event of Wrestlemania in his favour (in his defence, that was because the guy who was supposed to win was a big jerk and a terrible role model for kids).

During the Live Novel-ing last week (Freewriting stage):

At 10 years old – The mayor is found murdered, locked inside his office on the 10th floor of City Hall. The boy tries to solve this mysterious case but it turns out that the most likely suspect is himself!

At 11 years old – In order to take down the world’s greatest swordsman, he must enter a tournament of weapons masters armed with the one weapon no one had ever used to win with before: a simple bow and arrow.

At 12 years old – Despondent by his recent failures, the boy ignores a note telling him that if he gets hit by lightning this year and survives then he will reunite with his parents. He finally decides to give it a try but is it too late for him to complete this shocking task?

Coming this week, check out 3 new surprising freewriting tasks as well as the revising and editing of the tasks above, all on Google Drive for your fun and entertainment!

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