Nothing Can Stop My Flow – The Live Novel-ing Continues!

Last week I had some technical issues that stopped me from Live Novel-ing here in Seoul on Friday evening. Incredibly, the internet guy showed less than 24 hours later, on a Saturday afternoon no less, and even though I was still asleep when he got here (hey, he came hours early!) the guy was somehow able to fix the thing from outside! Once you’ve had Korean internet service, there really is no going back.

So I was able to return to the Live Novel-ing project last Saturday night and barring any more connect-ability issues, I should be on track for three new sessions this week!

What am I talking about exactly? Well, it’s my attempt to write every word at every stage of a novel online via a Google Drive folder that contains documents for Freewriting, Editing, Revising and polished Finished Pages, that you can watch grow completely live. Want in on the fun? Then all you need to do is click on the G+ widget to the right (or below) and then add me to your Circles on Google+, or you can email me and I’ll set you

The story so far:

It’s all up to one young boy to stop the end of the world. Starting at birth he has to fight his way through a new crazy task for each year of his life until his 18th birthday. All he has to do to save us all is survive.

Too bad he already died92 times! Well then it’s a good thing that he has 100 chances to make it through this incredible, insane challenge!

Live Novel-ing last week (Freewriting stage):

1st year (93rd Attempt) – Being a newborn infant doesn’t make becoming the heavyweight boxing champion of the world very easy, but that’s what he had to do… and was pretty close actually until he met his match and was punched to death by the real champion. To be fair, the guy did seem to feel pretty bad about doing it.

Waiting Room – Every time he dies, our hero gets to spend some time in this special waiting room between lives, and it is the only time and place where he can retain all of his memories from the previous hundreds of years he has spent attempting to complete this challenge. Here he expresses some concern over his streak of recent failures and comes up with a plan to send a subliminal message to his next life.

1st year (94th Attempt) – Off to a much better start this time, the baby jumps his way into dreams and fights off the joke-cracking, elephant-headed, spider-bodied nightmare monster that has been tormenting the cursed teenagers of his town every night.

This week the first task he’s going to have is a bit different than the past few because he’ll need to become the host of the #1 morning radio show in the country! And he’s still just a 1 year old baby! Seems insane, right? Tune in to see if he can do the incredible!

A comment on last week’s post by reader ‘phatdog’ reminded me of this Monty Python radio sketch about Thomas Hardy writing a novel in front of an audience like it’s a sport:

phatdogis probably right though, it might be a bit boring… regardless, all input is welcome anytime! 

2 thoughts on “Nothing Can Stop My Flow – The Live Novel-ing Continues!

  1. I watched this on Google drive last week and I was bored just liek I thought. I was the only one too lol

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