Just like the return of 24 this week check out more real time Live Novel-ing!

There is nothing else on television quite like ’24’, where every televised hour is equal to one full hour of the narrative. Fans appreciate the immediacy of the drama and forgive the ridiculous constant barrage of on-the-hour surprises and twist for the sake of intricate story and intense action.

Well, I hate to say my Live Novel-ing project is as good as that… but by god, it just very well might be!

Every hour of ‘24‘ is one hour in the day, but every page in my novel-in-progress The Incredible Insane Challenge represents one full year in the life of the hero, condensed into a power-packed 3-paragraph short story.

24’ is presented in real time, and my novel comes to you completely live online, you don’t have to wait for the book to be finished because watching me write it is all the fun. You just need to click on the G+ widget to the right (or below) and then follow me on Google+, or I can share my Google Drive folder if you email me: jozhloser@gmail.com

Then you can watch every second of freewriting as I brainstorm the wild story in my mind and the barrage of text explodes on the screen. The dangerous time bomb of those erratic words are diffused through the revising stage and turned into a stable one-page short story. Then the drama crescendos where the editing stage shows you how I navigate the terrorism of the English language in order to arbitrate between the battling factions of text and idea.

The story so far:

The Incredible Insane Challenge gives one young boy the chance to save the universe by completing a crazy task each year of his life starting from the day he is born until his 18th birthday.

These tasks are definitely incredible:

Stop a zombie plague from taking over your city.

Use magic to animate your favourite action figure and then team up to fight evil monster toys.

Lead a team of explorers into the forest to successfully capture Bigfoot.

And that’s just the first 3 years of his life! How can a little baby do those insane things? Well, sometimes he can’t! 

He can attempt this 18-year challenge 100 times. As it stands right now he’s on his 92nd attempt and you’d think it would be getting easier for him… but then that wouldn’t be any fun!

The yearly tasks started getting really depressing for the young hero when he failed to complete 4 straight tasks: he couldn’t solve the mysterious murder of the mayor, lost his attempt to capture the pro-wrestling championship at the main event of Wrestlemania, was unable to deliver a secret package across town during a riot, and couldn’t figure out how to get hit by lightning. Entering his teenage years he definitely needed a strong showing to build up momentum for a run to the final task.

Live Novel-ing last week (Freewriting stage):

At 13 years old – Our hero rebounded by finally completing a task again. He tunnelled to the centre of the earth and stopped a race of lava-men from destroying the planet’s core. 

At 14 years old – Sadly, this next task was to put an end to the the killing spree of notorious serial killer The Slicer, but our protagonist fell victim to the deadly blade of the villain. That’s right, he DIED!

But that’s okay, in The Incredible Insane Challenge you get to die and start all over again, just like in a video game. Unlike a video game though, you can’t re-start from a checkpoint, he’ll have to go back and be born again!

What will happen next? Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “Just like the return of 24 this week check out more real time Live Novel-ing!

  1. What the hell is this supposed to be?

    24 is a TV show its not the same as watchign you write

    Sounds dumb

    1. Thanks! It probably sounds better on paper than it is to actually watch… it’s a work in progress for sure! But the finished pages are definitely worth checking out! I’ll have an updated SAMPLER coming soon with new pages added from the Live Novel-ing… stay tuned!

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