4 Quests of a Directionless Loser – Exercising for ALL the Wrong Reasons

Lots of losers exercise for the right reasons: health, energy, looking good, feeling good, making friends… but only Dr. Loser exercises for the wrong reasons! 

Sure, I’m out of shape, look like a mess, feel like shit and have no social life whatsoever, but I’m not going to use exercise to fix those problems, oh no… I’m going to exercise so that I can make a great work-out montage video just like this:

My initial attempts to find activities for my own montage video have led me to incorporate these 2 forms of exercise into my weekly routine:

1) Weights 

First I went to the grocery store near my house and bought a pair of these solid 5kg steel dumbbells


You may laugh but after about 10 curls on each of my pipe-cleaner arms I was aching for the first time in years. Hey, you gotta start somewhere! And the way I see it, watching me struggle to do simple curls will make for some awesome montage content.

-you don’t really believe that, right?

2) Bikes

Then I dusted off my ‘stylish bicycle’ and camouflage helmet for some good old cycling around town.

stylish bike

In Seoul, it turns out there is a really cool bike trail that stretches completely across the country and was constructed on top of an old railway line, so that way you are far from the roads and traffic… even but it lets you ride through tunnels just like you are a train!

-is this dude riding a bike or stalking little girls? Creepy…

So I’m off to a good start. Lifting weights & cycling – these are definitely two staples of the montage game. What’s next?!

6 thoughts on “4 Quests of a Directionless Loser – Exercising for ALL the Wrong Reasons

  1. Your Stylish bicycle left me speechless. Who can actually come up with that name ? Who doesn’t want ” awesome life” ? I gotta learn English from Koreans. Right, I am a Korean. If I can only be that cool. I should have my own blog called, http://www.lameloser.com. I admire your effort into keeping up stories. Great work, Doctor loser !

  2. Hey man, keep it up! I really like this idea of yours. I run on a treadmill a few kilometers every couple of days, training for a marathon, a good montage video might work for me too.

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