Just Eric – Seoul Novel – Part 4


Just Eric – Part 4

Once I started working at the head office full time, I was just another rat-race 9-5 jerk-off, getting up early in the morning at my suburban apartment and commuting on the subway for over an hour with all the other miserable ham-and-eggers. We squished into those train cars all weirded out by being so close to each other but acting like we’re alone, then scooting along between transfer points, clanging together in line like empty glass bottles in a soda factory. Making the transformation, in such a short span of time, from a completely self-absorbed drama major to a full-on paper-pushing company man was oddly less depressing than I’d expected considering how fully entitled I felt before as a super human artist. How did I end up in Korea in the first place then? I’m just going to straight up blame that Canadian student loans system. They fed…

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