Back for More Live Novel-ing!


After a short hiatus to re-tool some of the past pages and the overall scheme for my novel in progress:

The Incredible Insane Challenge

… I’m back to my live novel-ing schedule.

What am I talking about? Why I’m telling you about how I’m writing a whole novel live online! Through the power of Google Docs you can tune in at the appropriate times and watch me write away at all three different stages of the writing process:

30 minutes of Freewriting

30 minutes of Revising 

30 minutes of Editing

All you have to do is follow me on Google+ by clicking on the widget to the right or below, and I will add you to the Google Drive folder that makes it possible to watch my live writing.

Before I go any further though, there are 3 specific followers/readers that I want to talk about quickly, all of whom have contacted me directly and/or commented on certain posts. A couple of them have even watched my Live Novel-ing and added some comments here and there. However, since these are not people who actually know me from before I started this blog, I think I should address them personally here just so they understand what kind of person I really am.

Eric – you’re a nice guy but you kind of creep me out. I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for or how you found this blog, but dude, seriously, get a life! And I don’t mean that in a harsh way (even though I know that’s how it sounds), but you’re obsessed with TV and worst of all, you have terrible taste. I know that sounds weird coming from me, but seriously you don’t need to keep sending me these long detailed emails about the shows you like and think I should watch. I don’t care about Grey’s Anatomy or Friends or Modern Family or Law and Order. No offence but keep that shit to yourself! I’ve replied to you a number of times with the kind of cool shows you really should be watching but it seems to go right by you. So I’m hoping this is a bit of a wake-up call. Get into wrestling or something, damn!

Jee Young – actually, you’re very sweet. You’ve been really nice to me and I’ve enjoyed some of the back and forth we’ve had when you watched me Live Novel-ing. I mean, I know it might sound a bit forward, but you are in Seoul, right? So am I. Is it so crazy to think we should meet up? I’m interested, and quiet frankly I want everyone to see me ask you this… so at least if you kill me or something, they’ll know who to look for 😉

phatdog – Dude, I’ve called you a troll since you started leaving me messages both on the comments, Google + and during my Live Novel-ing. What you get out of just constantly hounding me I don’t understand. True, if no one cares about what I’m doing here it might be stupid, but if no one cares about you insulting me about it either then what does that make you? I thought trolls are looking for a bigger audience than just one guy. Seriously, do you know me? Are you someone I know who is using a fake name to try and fuck with me? If so… ha ha, you got me. If not, then seriously dude, fuck off!

Okay then… that’s off my chest, so let me tell you about the Live Novel-ing this week.

If you tune in for the freewriting sessions then you’ll see my main character struggling with a new and very awkward problem. 

You see The Incredible Insane Challenge is an 18 year quest where a young guy must complete one crazy task every year of his life starting right out of the womb! As a baby, child, adolescent and teen, he must do things such as; stop a runaway train full of deadly terrorist mummies from crashing into a nuclear power plant, use super-strength to foil the plans of his super-intelligent nemesis, or even have a successful #1 rated morning radio talk show for 6 full months. If he passes these tasks he can earn points all the way to his 18th birthday, however if he dies then he has to start all over again from birth. Like a video game, he has 100 lives to try and complete this challenge or else the entire universe will be destroyed.

Currently he is on his 97th attempt, so obviously it’s getting very close to the end. And he’s only just now started to suspect something sinister behind the motivations of the authority responsible for this challenge. He believes now that this unknown force who is determining the (apparently) random order of these bizarre tasks and then subjectively judging his performance, is manipulating things to make sure that he never makes it to the end. So after hundreds of years of effort he’s coming to realisation that the whole thing might have been a giant waste of time

Can he pull it together and overcome the inexplicably even more difficult odds now? You’ll have to tune in live if you want to find out!

One thought on “Back for More Live Novel-ing!

  1. Ah man, you’re so funny! Love your blog, seriously. I’ve been checking out Arrested Development too, based on your suggestion, and you are right to say that it is brilliant because it really is!

    And, you know, I’m in Seoul too, just so you know, in case you want to hang out and watch some shows or something. I’m just saying.

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