Watching TV is Kind Of a Stupid Waste of Time

I had this grand planwatch all of the TV that I wish I could have watched while I was toiling away on a PhD for 8 years (which in the end I failed anyways). I would have been infinitely more satisfied with life had I just said fuck that PhD and watched stupid TV all day for all those years. And yes, I said “stupidTV because yeah, I watch a lot of shit, I can admit it. Sure, I’m a fan of The Wire or Game of Thrones, but all I really want to watch is Smackdown or Power Rangers. This hasn’t changed for me in over 20 years, and at this point I didn’t think it ever would.

And then I started binge-watching. Not binge-watching like some poser, but rather finding 10-12 hour stretches where I just watched episodes of the 2012 Beauty and the Beast mixed with the 1994 Animated Spider-Man. Since I didn’t want to be one of these bandwagon jumping binge watchers, I started programming all these complex viewing strategies – watch one episode of House of Cards, then a Doug Stanhope stand-up special, 30 minutes of Aaliyah videos on Vevo, an episode of pirate nonsense in Black Sails, and then back around to House of Cards. It was maddening, and in the end, I didn’t like any of it! My head was swirling with combinations of shows for the next run, while simultaneously being talked into going out into the Seoul night and doing the most ridiculous of things by characters on all these shows that seem to very personally break the 4th wall in what must be a disturbing new trend in TV.

So in all honestly, I just got kind of bored by it all, overstimulated I guess. But then I discovered this brand new show. I’ve got to first publicly apologise to Eric, a loyal reader/commenter and recently a new WordPress Blogger, who I have berated for the past couple of months as a guy with a terrible taste in TV shows. However, he uploaded a new show on his youtube channel that he says is a rare copy of a hot new show from some European country or something. Everyone just seems to love how Europeans are the real innovators in television compared to those hacks in the United States, and I would have laughed in their faces until watching “Episode 1”… see for yourself:

I know, it’s short but I haven’t seen that kind of plot development in any of these shitty shows I’ve been cramming for the past few months. Now, if you liked that one then prepare yourself because it sets up amazingly for more action this time in “Episode 2”:

And then, like all of the generally brilliant European shows that just “getit, this series also ends with “Episode 3”. I’m not going to give away the ending but SPOILER ALERT you’ve got to hang on to the very last second for the shocking ending.

I may not have made my eyes bleed like I’d planned, but I wept powerful tears man… very powerful tears…

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