Just Eric – Seoul Novel – Part 6


Just Eric – Part 6

Just when it seemed like my life in Seoul was perfect, yup, that’s when the North Koreans invaded. When I say they “invaded” I don’t mean like in a war but it was more like millions of refugees who had nowhere to go and nothing to do (I’m sure you’ve seen all about it on the news by now). It was bizarre, to say the least. They looked all ragged and weird, like strange hillbilly mountain people or something, moved slow, sickly and weak, had nothing to say and didn’t seem to understand any of the English the South Koreans at that point were only allowed to use. This mess of people was slowly trudging down the streets by the hundreds of thousands, seemingly circling around the city like a big whirlpool until they’d get tired and sit on the curb. Since there were so many of them…

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