Even More Live Novel-ing… I guess…

Ugh… I mean, it’s no secret to anyone who’s been following along in the last week of Dr. Loser posts that things really aren’t going my way these days. And I’m not even talking about how I failed my PhD, this is post-PhD failure misery – and everything is still an incredible mess.

I thought I was going to put aside some time to do some fun things with my free time until succumbing to the middle-management Starbucks job that I just know is waiting for me as soon as I burn through all the piddly money that I’d saved while working full-time AND writing a PhD thesis (that failed, don’t forget). I thought I’d be able to creatively explore some new avenues and decided to break down the barriers of writerly secrets and by exposing my writing process to the world with my Live Novel-ing innovation.

Well, like most visionaries I’m unfulfilled, miserable and no one cares! And the weird thing is, that’s exactly what happened to the main character in that novel I’m working on – The Incredible Insane Challenge. This guy has lived for hundreds of years, constantly being re-born into a game where he must complete one crazy task every year of his life as a newborn baby until his 18th birthday. After centuries of trying and failing to make it all the way, he believed that he could at least complete the challenge by earning a certain amount of points for each task, like in a video game, until recently discovering that this was all actually rigged against him

The authority responsible for the challenge seem to want him to lose no matter what, and this new information has led him to stop taking part in the yearly tasks and just hide out in some remote part of earth waiting for that 18th birthday to arrive. While he’s doing this, the mayhem that he is usually called on to stop has been going unchecked, giants are eating people, stadiums are being bombed by terrorists, evil snowmen took over all the major cities on the plant, and then aliens attack! But he doesn’t care anymore – what does it matter, he can never win.

I don’t know if this is just some kind of insane coincidence that this character is going through similar problems to me. I certainly didn’t plan it this way. Everything was done live, online, so all the ideas were first generated during in the freewriting I completed in my Google Drive folder while Live Novel-ing. Either the story has gravitated towards my mood, or I am being dragged into the actual story!

As much as I figure it would make sense to just quit at this point, like I have with all those stupid Quests I was attempting, I feel somewhat compelled to at least lazily finish out this year in the boy’s life. In order to combat the malaise I’ve been having, or the possible infection by my story, starting this week I’m going to reverse the writing process. I’m will start backwards with the Editing stage on the one-page short stories that make up a year in the life of this character, then I’ll move on to Revising, and end by doing Freewriting for the day.

So feel free to check it out as I push through on the shared Dr. Loser Google Drive folder by following me on Google+ by clicking on the G+ widget on the right or bottom of the site… I guess…

3 thoughts on “Even More Live Novel-ing… I guess…

  1. I’m sorry about your PhD, but just the fact that you made it that far was a huge accomplishment. You should be proud. As far as your story, it sounds so interesting. If you ever publish it, I’ll surely buy a copy.:)

    1. Wow! Thanks! I’d put that thing on sale tomorrow if I thought someone was actually going to buy it! I might have to price it at $10,000 a copy though, you know, so I don’t have to go back to work!

      I don’t know if I’m proud of it, or if it really was a huge accomplishment… and I would definitely try to talk anyone out of wasting time on a PhD… but yeah, I have started to appreciate what I did there a bit more, so thanks for the kind words!

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