Seoul Novel – Just Eric – Finale C


Working on this experimental style, collaborative, blog-novel has been really fun and I want to thank “Dr. Loser” for putting it together and PhatDog187 for making that wonderful “Street Novel” in Seoul that brought back so many memories. Here now is my final contribution to the story, but be sure to read the first 2 parts on those other blogs first (they all link together):

Seoul Novel – Just You – Finale A

Seoul Novel – Just Seoul – Finale B

Just Eric – Finale

Stacy was pushing a big sucking kiss into my lips and cheeks that was making a really gross wet smushing sound so I gently pushed her off me. I’d lied to Stacy months ago in order to dump her gently so I could pursue the North Korean Princess, who was standing behind me and must have been giving me a very disappointed look. According to…

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